Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Colbert: 'Nothing completes a look like children's health-care legislation'

In a odd change of events, Stephen Colbert was asked to introduce Speaker Nancy Pelosi last night at Glamour's Annual Women of the Year awards. And, though his writers are on strike, he was able to come up with a funny and fashionable speech (note the reference to the mandals!). It's worth a couple minutes of your day to actually read through it - it's freakin' hilarious:

... And speaking of mocking politicians, many have asked me why someone who has advised members of the House of Representatives not to go on my show, why I would honor Nancy Pelosi at the Glamour awards. Because she made history this year? Because she's three heartbeats away from the presidency? Because I suddenly like her?

No, I am here tonight because I love Glamour. I love its lifestyle. I love the magazine. I have my own personal do's and don'ts. Do work a retro up-do, with a little headband. Don't criticize the president. And I just love fashion. This season, I love high-waisted pants. I adore Oxford pumps—no, ankle booties! And if you have a sweater dress? Make it even better—belt it! If it wasn't so cold tonight I would have ditched my wing-tips and worn my platform mandals.

That's why I'm here tonight to introduce Nancy Pelosi, because she is the most glamorous speaker we've ever had. I cannot pinpoint exactly what makes her different than previous speakers. All those guys had style. Newt Gingrich worked the aisle in pinstripes and power ties. And long before Jennifer Aniston had the Rachel hairstyle, Speaker O'Neill had the Tip hairstyle. Four-inch eyebrows, matching earbrows. Speaker Dennis Hastert was a plus-size model for Lane Bryant.

But none of these men hold a candle to Speaker Pelosi. Whether she's prowling the Capitol steps in a cream pantsuit, or strutting the halls of Congress in a blue pantsuit, or grudgingly clapping behind the president at the State of the Union in, say, cream pants and a blue pantsuit blazer—she always has the right accessories. Because nothing completes a look like children's health-care legislation. And I think we all know that the fashion moment of the year has to be Nancy Pelosi marching the S-CHIP bill up to the White House in her Veto-Me pumps. She is the most fabulous Speaker ever to rock the gavel. And though I may disagree with everything she stands for, I will defend to the death her right to make-it-work [snaps]. So it is my honor to present to you the distinguished representative from California, Madam Speaker, Madam Glam, Nancy Pelosi!
To read the entire speech, click here... To read a little bio from Glamour about Pelosi, click here...
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Monday, November 5, 2007

If a famed celeb stylist says D.C. has style...

Yet another reason to hate Anne Schroeder, she says D.C. has no style. Well, maybe she has no style. So take that Shenanigans!

[Fashion stylist Rachel] Zoe met her husband in D.C., too, she tells local pub Express. She was a hostess at Washington Harbour, he was a waiter. They used to hang out at Sequoia. And — now this is important — Zoe says, "I love D.C. It's got such style."

Whaaa? D.C. and style? Do we need a fashion double-take?

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Nina McLemore: Dressing the power elite
(and the creator of Hillary's horrid jackets)

An interesting article appeared in The Examiner today, shocking, I know. Part of their weekly Power Profile, Whitney Blake spoke with Nina McLemore, of her namesake line for the power elite as well as the founder of Liz Claiborne Accessories in the '80s. And while I am not personally a fan of the line (or many of the women who wear it, but that's a whole other aside), I find her takes on fashion, business and women in both very fascinating.

“I’m very angry at the fashion industry,” she said. The industry has “no respect for accomplished women,” viewing them as “sex objects, not smart and capable.”

Her line, mainly “jacket driven,” also includes pants and blouses for business, casual and evening attire. She targets businesswomen with high net worth, female politicians — most notably Sen. Hillary Clinton — and what McLemore calls “community women” who are involved in philanthropy or who have husbands in powerful positions. ... (Know we know where Hillary found her amazing taste - and her $795 quilted coats!)

... Clinton prefers longer jackets, and her signature colors include blue and coral, which McLemore said brings out the highlights in her hair. ...

McLemore’s clothes come in five fits to accommodate all body shapes, and she designs them herself with natural fabrics primarily made in America. She recommends bold, vibrant colors for women who often appear in public or on television. McLemore picks versatile styles that can be worn anywhere, and she uses wrinkle-free materials to allow for easy traveling. ...

... McLemore has a keen sense of her customers’ tastes. Women in law, government and business “dress more understatedly and conservatively” compared with women in New York. At the same time, Washington women have an international flair and often pick textiles and colors from, say, Southeast Asia and Kenya. ...

To read the entire article, which talks a lot more about the business side, click here...
– Examiner/Greg Whitesell

Quote of the day

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was honored at the YouthAIDS gala Friday, with a toast by Bono (who was wearing what seemed to be men's heels), saying:

"You've given safe sex, sex appeal! How'd you do that?"