Saturday, January 26, 2008

Farewell for now, but life is not over

I am hanging up my proverbial hat as the blogstress of D.C. Pleats for the time being as I don't want my job to be in jeopardy (long story). In the meantime, may I suggest you check out the LookGirl sites, focusing on everything a young gal needs in her life, from pop culture to fashion, cooking to fitness, culture to investing tips.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Clothing the Caucus 2008:
A big spread for Obama

"Road to the White House" Obama

Clothing the Caucus 2008:
And the GOP nod goes to...

Crook' toothed Huckabee

Clothing the Caucus 2008:
It's time to vote

It's on in Iowa!

– AP Photo

Clothing the Caucus 2008:
Political paraphernalia

What a wardrobe some of these volunteers and supports sport! Let's just try and forget about the contacts, and see some other fun duds! I'll have more later...

– AP

Clothing the Caucus 2008:
Awe-some perspectives

I just thought these couple photos were cool ...

P.S. Those I despise the pseudo-yuppie sweater-over-shoulders look, I do have to say I love the pop of green around Hillary's face, it suits her well.
– AP Photos

Clothing the Caucus 2008:
Love on the campaign trail

I know I just showed a picture of the Bidens, but I just love this photo and the intimacy and stresses of the job that it shows. It is a picture of them prior to a press conference and rally in Dubuque, Iowa.

(P.S. AP listed Biden's wife's name as Naomi, which is tragically wrong. It is Jill. Naomi was his daughter who was killed years ago in a Christmas-time car accident. Read an amazing story about it all here...)

– AP Photo/Mark Hirsch

Clothing the Caucus 2008:
Stumping for the candidate

I wrote this great thing, and then I accidentally deleted it, damn! Anyway, insert a joke here about how all the presidential candidates are bringing their entire families out to rally for them - wives, children, siblings, cousins, you name it - something about family values... Sen. Edwards is the only candidate who doing it alone (which is a little sad be D.C. Pleats loves her some Emma and Jack! - and we wish Elizabeth all the best). And then there's Chuck Norris...

Sen. Biden brought nearly his whole family to Iowa, including his sister, Valerie Biden Owens, left, his son, Hunter, his wife Jill (hot second wife No. 1) and his brother Jimmy.

Sen. Obama is joined by his lovely wife Michelle - who almost always looks stunning - at a stop yesterday in Des Moines.

Former Gov. Huckabee and his wife Janet, greet audience members at a early morning rally. (Though she often looks very doughty, I have to say I like the chunky necklace and the eggplant-colored coat.)

Former Sen. Fred Thompson walks with his wife, Jeri (hot second wife No. 2), and their daughter, Hayden, 4, during a campaign stop in West Des Moines.

Sen. Clinton's mother, Dorothy Rodham, and daughter, Chelsea, show support yesterday during a campaign stop in Indianola.

Meanwhile, Bill's in Dubuque...

Sen. McCain and with his wife, Cindy (hot second wife No. 3), in New Hampshire.

Sen. Dodd and his wife Jackie (also a second wife, questionably hot) after a campaign stop at Signatures Grill in Indianola.

And then there's Chuck Norris and his wife stumping for Huckabee.
– AP Photos

Clothing the Caucus 2008:
Caffeine Double Take

It's not from today, but New Year's Day, and it's just a great shot of Hillary double-fisting the caffeine while campaigning in Des Moines, Iowa.

– AP Photo/J. David Ake

Clothing the Caucus 2008

Hope everyone had a great holiday vacation, but now it's Caucus Time! (I don't really think it's all THAT exciting, but nonetheless...)

I am going to try and post some fun pictures and commentary about the pols' Iowan wares as well as some simply amazing photos from the day's events. (Like this quite creepy one of volunteer Roberta Allen showing her patriotism.) So keep tuned through the afternoon and evening, if you can simply tear your eyes away from the 24-hour broadcast coverage.

– AP Photo/Jeff Chiu