Friday, December 21, 2007

Photos of the (two) week(s)

I hadn't been on AP Photo in a long time, so I am glad I am back in the game since that's my favorite thing to do (sad I know...). So, while there were some interesting shots from fundraisers and debates, many were not quite worthy - or fashiony. Here are some of my favorites from the two weeks or so:

What a handsome duo: Tony Bennett and Bill Clinton at a Hillary fundraiser on Dec. 12. – AP Photo/Rich Schultz

Our Secretary pool: Just a funny picture of all the Cabinet members adjusting themselves before a press conference post-meeting Dec. 14. – AP Photo/Ron Edmonds

Just say no to drugs: Sens. Schumer and Grassley look downright studly at a news conference on Tuesday. – AP Photos/Susan Walsh

Beautiful inside and out: A wonderful shot of the Botanic Garden lit up for the holidays (it's right next to the Capitol...) - mosley.brian/flickr

What a happy family: Hillary, breaking bread Dec. 8 in Des Moines with her daughter Chelsea, mother Dorothy and then Andy McGuire. – AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Pointing the figurative finger: Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore addresses the U.N. Climate Change Conference Dec. 13 Bali. He said that the U.S. was "principally responsible for obstructing progress." – AP Photo/Dita Alangkara

Bush and Cheney chat Wednesday with firefighters in front of a on-fire (literally) White House. Do you think it's a coincidence that both the prez and veep match the D.C. firefighters' uniforms? My theory: As the fire alarms went off, their staffers threw them coordinating ties. – AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

It's a team effort, people!

Congress couldn't get their act together to actually pass any big legislation (omnibus, what?) before convening for recess, and the Dems took the brunt of that for good reason - but the lefties did have their act together on something...

I can just picture Nancy calling up Hoyer, Reid and the boys on Tuesday, saying, "I think I am going to wear gray and burgundy today. Is that what you were thinking, too?"

And then the next next day, "Why not something a little brighter today? I'm going for cherry red and black. You too?"

– AP photos

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blog the Blogger

The DC Goodwill Fashionista started her new feature today, Blog the Blogger, and who did the premiere blog feature? Moi - of course. Check it out to find out a bit of background about me, who my favorite designers are, and where to find good bargains in D.C - plus, the site is a great, witty and oft-spot on fashion resource.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A helping-hand shopping spree

It's not really political, but it's for charity – and helping pick up where FEMA is lacking... – so, check out this over-the-top eBay auction for a shopping spree with Michael Kors to benefit the Spirit of Liberty Foundation and Americans Helping Californians.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Won't you cry for me Argentina?

Oiy, what a mess has Argentina gotten itself into with this fashion disaster! The newly elected president - the wife of the outgoing president (sound a little too familiar) - always has her signature big hair and a canvas-worth of makeup, plus wears what seem more like costumes than suits. So, without further ado, here is Madame President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner:

Not too horrible, right? Just combining red and orange sheen, but that's not REALLY that bad since it fits her well. And the next one is very cute - for a Hollywood starlet on the red carpet...

It's like she's wearing white to a funeral, or something. To quote Michael Kors, "It's very Mother of the Bride."

And last but certainly not least, presidential pantylines...

I am sad to say it's all a little too much like Hillary (with a better figure, of course).
– AP Photos

Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Givhan rants

It's been a very long week of political fashion commentary given by Robin Givhan. Normally I would love all of this stuff - aka this blog - but admittedly I am getting a little sick of it. I wish the elections would just be over already. (Damn, I forgot we have another year to go...)

I already commented about Hil on Sunday, then we've got:
Romney on Monday
Edwards on Tuesday
Thompson on Wednesday
McCain on Thursday
And I think you're in luck for Baby Blue Guy on Friday...

Who's to blame for pantsuits?

Robin Givhan's article this weekend about Hillary "the-human-color-wheel" Clinton and the pantsuits was unnecessary for the package and said absolutely nothing that Robin hasn't said at least twice before in her column, but nonetheless I read it and had a couple chuckles - mainly because Hillary's so manly. So here's some of the less boring of the boring droll:

The mind, so easily distracted by things mauve and lemon yellow, strays from more pressing concerns to ponder the sartorial: How many pantsuits does Hillary Clinton have in her closet? And does she ever wear them in the same combination more than once? (Here I have to say, "What?!?" Givhan's clearly never seen my blog and how Hillary wears the same thing 10 times in one week...)

[Pantsuits] can be flattering, although not when the jacket hem aligns with the widest part of the hips (hypothetically speaking, of course). Does she even have hips? (Oh Robin...)

Is even considering the senator's clothes a kind of chauvinistic assault? ... With the male candidates, the nuances of their attire matters ... but with Clinton, one must first get past distractions such as that pink blazer — the one John Edwards didn't like so much — before the details can be considered. What would possess a woman to wear a jacket the color of a geranium in full bloom and then imply she doesn't want anyone to notice or comment on her clothes?

Yes, a woman can still be taken seriously, viewed as tough and celebrated for her ideas even if she is wearing a sunshine yellow suit. But someone, somewhere, is also going to notice that she is dressed like a solar flare. (She said it, not me, but ditto!)

Oprah on the campaign trail

Oprah hit the campaign trail with Sen. Obama and his wife, Michelle, this weekend - and I have to say she looked fantastic doing it. Her neutral palette wasn't boring, but it was slimming, and more importantly, conservative enough for Washington (and Iowans), but hip enough to maintain her Hollywood image. It was an image that was very much what the Obamas have been portraying themselves throughout the campaign - young, but respectable. I would hope that some of the women on the Hill have their eyes open and maybe take some pointers from the Oprah-Michelle fierce fashion duo.

All one color in different shades and textures makes for a put-together look that is both slimming and timeless.

It's just a simple, single-breasted pantsuit that fits properly, isn't flashy in color, isn't over-embellished with jewelry/scarves. It's just the antithesis of Hillary - and really what Hillary should be wearing. (They kind of have similar body shapes, right?)

This is so perfect for a daytime, outdoor event. I love that she belted the shirt - very trendy - but kept the palette simple so as to not make it look too young for her. And my favorite part? The yellow is perfect for her skin tone but not bright and flashy to distract from the important thing - the candidate. That's something Michelle is often very good at, too.

- AP Photos/Paul Sancya, Elise Amendola and Gerry Broome, respectively

Fashionably charitable

The fabulous Goodwill Fashionista brought up a good point today on her blog: 'Tis the season for being charitable, so why not be fashionably charitable? There's some good hints and organizations listed, so check it out. I just moved and had to severely clean out my closet, so I made a few piles along the way - a Goodwill pile (of course!), a Dress for Success pile, items I could give to the local elementary school (I love crafts...) and stuff I could potentially sell on eBay or Craig's List. So get giving!

The right way to do winter outerwear
(a few weeks too late)

With the Washington weather so completely unpredictable - hello, I didn't wear a coat yesterday and it's snowing today - it can be somewhat understandable for the politicos not to don the appropriate outer coverings all the time. But, your average winter coat is timeless and classic, and if you don't have one at least hanging in your closet (like Greta, most likely), there is absolutely no excuse.

For the not-so-cold days, check out some of these options, but for the frigid days of late, it's not too late to get bundled up - and this is a perfect time to buy a wonderfully warm wool jacket as sales are in full force. So, without further ado, here are some of my choices for Capitol-appropriate winter attire, and these are more about the shape and style than the actual piece (especially since these are all way out of my price range):

Marc by Marc Jacobs Solid Wool Felt Coat ($548)
Unique color in a simple and basic shape - and the double button/military-style is so the rage right now. I just love how it's classic yet totally different from everyone else on the street.

Cinzia Rocca Long Wool Coat ($1,125)
Wonderfully classic in hunter green!

Burberry Exploded Glen Check Coat ($1,295)
The black/white/camel check is very fashionable this season, but more importantly, it is classic and can withstand the test of many seasons to come. The spread collar looks great popped and the black leather belt flatters any waist.

Andrew Marc Dream Herringbone Coat ($795)
Oh so Jackie O! The mock belt and double buttons are what make the jacket and then what makes it Capitol Hill is the color and length. It's just timeless.

Mackage High Collar Coat ($550)
The asymmetry is fantastic on this coat - which throws you for a loops in Midnight blue - plus I love the belt, the slight puff sleeve and the big collar.

Alice + Olivia Fox Collar Coat ($587)
Red is just the quintessential winter color. I love this shape, it's almost like a dress, and would flatter just about any shape.

Catherine Malandrino Jacquard Dots Cape ($795)
Taking the classic cape and making it the silhouette of the season! I've seen this style in many store and colors, and just love it. This particular choice has the double-breasted look I love and the texture is just to die for.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Textured Wool Twill Coat ($628)
A-line, slight flare, asymmetry, amazing neckline - what's there not to love.

P.S. There will be an interview with me commenting about my love of winter coats posted soon on DC Goodwill Fashionista's site. Check it out!

P.P.S. And don't forget to keep your hands nice and toasty. Here are some great suggestions from the epitome of what D.C. fashion should be.

Back up and running

I saw Greta again the other day - this time walking out of Phillips (why?!?) with her bagged lunch - and she looked so horribly dowdy in her all-black neutral pallette and oversized trench reminiscent of Reagan's. Really, there is a good way to do winter outwear, and this is not it!

Anyway, it got me to thinking about the early days of this blog and how I loved doing it and about how I have totally slacked as of late. Well, I am not making any promises (I've done that in the past...), but I am going to try a bit harder to get back on my game. Plus, I need to get more people to the site so I can up my $3.49 of "shoe fund" earnings...

Here's to wishing everyone a belated Happy Hanukkah and an early Merry Christmas.

– Photo courtesy Mens Vogue